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Our I.C.E. Information cards and tags provide Emergency Services, First Responders and members of the public with fast accurate information about you and your emergency contacts should they need it in case of an emergency.

"Time critical information in an instant!"

Every card and tag we supply is fully customisable, they can be supplied in your choice of colour: Blue, Red or Green with either the "Star of Life" image, your own personal photograph / image or any one of our fun characters for children's cards.

We have a large selection of cards and tags available for multiple medical conditions, but if you are unable to find the medical condition you are looking for, you can choose one of our "Your Text" generic packages where you can enter the exact text you would like to appear on your card, click here to view these generic packages.

On the back of every card is space to write information relative to your medical condition, doctor's information and your emergency contact information.

Why I.C.E. Info?

Only at I.C.E. Info can you completely customise your individual card and tags to suit you. You choose the colour, design, image / logo and text to ensure you receive the exact product you require.

We have low cost business packages available, ideal for care homes, children's nurseries / childminders or any organisation with a responsibility for the young, elderly or vulnerable.

Carry an I.C.E. Information card.

And ensure that time critical information is available in an instant!